What NOT to do in the Valet Service Singapore Industry

While the night life in Singapore can be pretty exciting, when it comes to drinking and driving, it’s a strict no from the authorities. Also, it is definitely not safe for you to drive in that condition. Point is you need to get home, right? So, what should you do? Get a valet service.

Singapore has very efficient valet services. You could seek service from them when in need. Unlike some people, most of you are unaware of valet etiquettes. So, in order to prevent yourself from getting into an awkward situation read this article. It will provide you with an insight of what not to do while in the Valet Service of Singapore Industry.

Things to avoid –

  1. Untidy car – Never leave your car in a shabby condition. It will only create a lousy image of you in the valets.
  2. Being inattentive – While in a valet service, make sure you follow the directions given by them. Valet services have planned out systems for better traffic management and overall efficiency. Following their steps will only help you get things done faster.
  3. Not having cash for tips – While it is not mentioned anywhere that you “have to” tip the Valet in service, but tipping them is considered to be an act of chivalry. So, be sure your hands don’t meet with an empty pocket.
  4. Fumbling with your belongings – Before leaving your car with the Valet make sure you’ve carefully removed valuables out of plain sight and kept it somewhere safe. Also, carry whatever you need so that you can avoid wasting time or creating an unnecessary scene
  5. Being awkward – In case you’re going for a high-end event, expect the Valet to open the door of your car. Don’t open it before they do it. Again, for less luxurious events, you might not receive similar services. Do not keep waiting for them to open your door.

Conclusion –

To conclude with, it is necessary to know what type of valet service you are in and behave accordingly in case you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of everyone.

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