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Application Form Waiver - Please Read Carefully

As I apply for a job at Prestige Valet Pte Ltd (hereinafter called “the Company”), I agree to the following:

The acceptance of this application, or the result of it, which is an entry into any type of employment relationship, which may be in the position for which I applied, or any other position, regardless of what is mentioned in the employee handbooks, personnel manuals, benefit plans, policy statements etc., from time to time, or other company practices will not serve to create an actual or implied contract of employment, or to grant any right to remain an employee of the Company, or otherwise change in any way the employment-at-will relationship between it and the undersigned, and that relationship can’t be changed except by a written document signed by the company management. The undersigned may end the employment relationship anytime, without specifying any reason through a notice. If I am employed in this company, I understand that the company may on its wish change or modify its benefits, policies and procedures which may even include reduction in benefits. I agree to abide by the changed benefits, policies and procedures.

All statements in this application may be investigated and I authorize the company to perform the same. In case I misrepresent any facts or omit facts, it can result at my dismissal anytime without any previous notice. I hereby give the Company permission to contact my earlier schools, employers (unless otherwise indicated), references and others. In case any liability happens as a result of this contact, I release the Company from it.

Also, I understand that (1) the Company has a drug and alcohol policy which expects me to go for a pre-employment and post-employment testing; (2) for me to be employed, I need to consent to and comply with such policy; and (3) my continued employment will be based on my successful passing of tests under such policy.

While the company processes my employment application routinely, I understand that it may request a consumer reporting agency to provide an investigative consumer report which can contain information such as my credit records, character, general reputation, personal attributes and way of living. The Company will provide me additional information about the nature and scope of any such report requested by it, if I request in writing.

Also, I understand that my employment with the company shall be considered probationary for a period of ninety (90) days. During this time or thereafter, my employment relation with the company can be terminated anytime for any reason by the Company or I.

I hereby certify that the information provided above are true and completed to my knowledge. I agree that all the information I have submitted are done on my own will and they are accurate while I am submitting this.

I hereby certify that the above information provided are true and completed.

I agree that all information submitted is done on my own freewill and is accurate at the time of submission.