Today, PRESTIGE VALET serves as one of the most reputable valet solution providers in the Service and Parking Industry owing to a satisfied clientele who consistently work with us. You can entrust your guests’ vehicles to our personnel, who are able to operate in diverse settings, including hospitals, restaurants, private clubs, and events. Our product portfolio consists of valet parking services, manpower solutions, traffic marshall services, as well as limousine and chauffeur services. 

Due to our years of expertise in the Service and Parking Industry, we understand client concerns regarding the cost and the quality of valet parking services and valet drivers in Singapore. We guide our valet attendants to be responsibility-driven and charming while tailoring their service to the requirements of the client. 

Whether you found us through a referral or as a result of an online search for ‘car valet service near me’, reach out to us now for any inquiries!


During an event, a valet is often the first point of contact for a guest, which helps create a memorable experience. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Greeting guests.
  • Assisting with luggage unloading (if necessary).
  • Following proper instructions to park visitor vehicles safely.
  • Promptly returning automobiles when guests are ready to leave.

They may also respond to visitor inquiries and provide recommendations as needed. As they directly engage with guests and patrons of an event, a good valet attendant should have excellent customer service and communication skills. They also need to be well-versed in driving and parking safety procedures and disciplines in order to avoid delays or incidents when providing event parking services.

Even though event valet services have been around for a while, they can be a new experience for some individuals. After all, high-end events are not a regular occurrence for many. Therefore, if you are using valet parking services for the first time, here are some tips on how to do so properly.

  • Remove any valuable items from your vehicle for your peace of mind.
  • Leave the vehicle running, as it allows the valet attendant to work faster.
  • Keep some cash on hand to reward the valet easily.
  • Get everything you need for the event before exiting the vehicle. 
  • Inform the valet of any mechanical issues with your vehicle.
  • Keep your claim ticket safe for a convenient event parking service.

In general, the cost of hiring valets for events in Singapore is determined by a variety of factors. Most service providers will charge by the hour or at a flat rate. Prices are often based on the scale of the event as well as the number of attendees. Other components that will be considered while deciding the pricing are as follows.

  • The cost of the insurance that the valet company should provide
  • The time of the day and the week
  • Whether it is peak or off-peak season

During on-site consultations, some companies providing event valets in Singapore may offer a written estimate outlining the total cost of services delivered.

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