Traffic Marshals in Singapore

Traffic Marshalling Services

When special events are organised in unique venues, traffic can build up in an abrupt manner. Managing these requires a combination of experience, expertise, care, and technology, which is exactly what Prestige Valet offers.

Our services are offered by trained and qualified traffic marshals in Singapore who are experts in alleviating traffic congestion at key locations in the road network leading to your events.

Prestige Valet has experience with delivering traffic management solutions in order to maximise the turnover of parking spaces of any size. Our trained staff with proper safety attire and equipment ensure the well-being of all the guests, minimising parking time and disruptions.

If you want to receive a FREE quote tailored to your specific traffic marshal requirements, get in touch with Prestige Valet today!


Traffic marshals in Singapore are experts who manage vehicle movements in a designated work environment. They establish roadways throughout a site and identify various entry and exit points to ensure a smooth workflow. They also make sure that people crossing the pathways are safe and that vehicles are kept from being held up in a queue while waiting to park or exit the premises. The work environment of a traffic marshal in Singapore varies depending on the industry they operate in.

Traffic management services entail guiding vehicles and people around some form of disruption. It could be anything that can endanger or disrupt vehicles and pedestrians, from road paving and accidents to tree clearance and community events. Safe and efficient traffic management can significantly lower the likelihood of vehicles colliding with each other. Traffic marshals, often known as road marshals, are usually responsible for providing these services. They ensure on-site security, enable movement of vehicles and safeguard public traffic routes.

Traffic management, also known as road traffic control, is most often used during road construction. However, it is also required in emergency situations such as traffic jams, road resurfacing and traffic collisions. Furthermore, it is employed for various planned activities, including maintenance work, construction, and events. Traffic management services are essential for communities as they minimise congestion, allow proper traffic flow, and reduce air pollution and disruption. Without traffic control personnel, the roads can be hazardous places for both the general public and any teams entrusted with road construction and repairs.

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