Innovative Approaches to Improve your Valet Services in Singapore

If you are in the hospitality industry, you should take valet parking service very seriously. The valet is your guest’s very first and very last impression of the event. Well, here are some things that you can do to improve the experience for all:

  • Dress for a brand experience: Who do you imagine when you think of valet parking? It would mostly be an attendant wearing the typical black pants, white button down, black vests and black shoes! Well, you can stir the monotony and also take this opportunity to establish your brand image. Depending on the kind of event you are catering to, you can sass up the dress code and go for something that will be remembered for a long time.


  • Leaving gifts for clients: Now, that sounds expensive. Well, you don’t have to buy diamond rings! Gifts as little as a box of chocolate or even a water bottle can make your client feel special. You can even pack the gifts in customized boxes with your brand name over it. I bet it will be remembered!

  • Cheer up the line: If the event involves guests waiting in line to use your service, make their waiting time special. You can go for any kind of entertaining distraction to save the irritation of waiting in line. It could be a live musician or a LCD display of beautiful places from around the globe. Customize the entertainment to the kind of event you are serving.

  • Sharpen the logistics: Communication is the key to win hearts and be remembered. You can start with a confirmation letter of the valet service that can also include the parking pass. This smoothens out the service, be it the first RSVP or the guests calling out for the return journey. You can also designate special exits using this pass.

  • A seasonal drink: Depending on which part of the world you are living in and the kind of climate you are experiencing, there is always a drink that people will prefer sitting on idly. It could be a cold drink for the warmer months or a cider for chilly nights. Iced tea, lemonade or coffee – anything can work well if you serve it with a smile!

All the above extra services go a long way in creating a unique brand identity of your valet services. Don’t be surprised if you start getting a lot of return calls!

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