Tips for Effective Traffic Management at Singapore Work Sites

When it comes to operating a work site, keeping traffic safety in mind is critical. These sites can be rather chaotic due to the loading and unloading of materials, the arrival and departure of deliveries, and the movement of powered mobile plants. When pedestrians and vehicles share the same space in close proximity, numerous potential hazards arise. With so much going on and around at work sites, excellent traffic management services are required to keep everyone safe while meeting operational deadlines.

Unsupervised work sites can lead to worker, driver, and bystander injuries. As proper traffic management can assist in averting such incidents, developing a traffic control plan for your site is crucial. A traffic management plan specifies how traffic, parking, and pedestrian activities in and around a site will be managed. With an effective traffic management plan, you may not only improve the traffic flow but also worker, driver, and pedestrian safety. The following tips can help you manage traffic on a work site in a safe and efficient manner.

1. Separate Pedestrians and Vehicles

Keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart is not always as simple as it seems. Traffic management services can separate people and relocate vehicles on-site in various ways. One of the most prevalent is the use of clearly designated transportation and pedestrian zones, which are enforced with physical barriers. You also need to establish traffic-only routes so that vehicles may safely navigate the site. Moreover, you can manage work site traffic flow with a portable boom gate, which is a barrier designed specifically for temporary traffic control applications.

2. Utilise Traffic Control Strategies

When it is not possible to entirely separate people and traffic, limiting the use and movement of vehicles can help to minimise the risk of accidents. You can install traffic control stations at site entry and departure points to monitor and direct incoming traffic. These stations also allow you to provide essential safety information to anyone who visits the site. Furthermore, material delivery can be scheduled during off-peak hours while restricting pedestrian movements.

3. Design Site Safety 

Utilising traffic management services can help you develop high-risk scenario designs that will significantly reduce the likelihood of transport safety incidents at a work site. One of the most effective methods is to clearly mark and communicate proper transportation management behaviours. Design one-way traffic routes so that vehicles can always move forward. When reversing or making other turns, use spotters and designated transport zones. You should also position waste disposal and collection areas in places that are easily accessible.

4. Train Site Employees 

All personnel on a work site should be informed of the site’s traffic rules. Employees, regardless of their position, must receive sufficient training before they start working on the site. Therefore, before allowing anyone to enter the site, ensure that all workers have been properly trained. They should be familiar with standard operating procedures, traffic management plans (TMP), and other pertinent issues. The safety knowledge provided by traffic management services will help reduce accidents and complete operational tasks on time.

5. Enhance Site Visibility 

Visibility is critical when it comes to traffic safety at work sites. All site entrances and pedestrian walkways should have signage. They need to be brightly coloured and easily visible, with clear instructions on how to navigate the work site safely. You can also enclose the work site with traffic cones or barricades. It will help to direct traffic to the specified routes. Another way to improve visibility is to install alarms, mirrors, lights, and CCTV cameras to monitor all movements within the site and nearby areas. You can also hire highly qualified traffic marshals to help control traffic flow and prevent accidents on work sites. 

Manage Traffic Associated with Your Business Using Effective Traffic Marshal Services in Singapore

When traffic builds up in and around your work premises, it requires the use of professional and competent traffic management services, which Prestige Valet delivers. Our services are provided by licensed and skilled traffic marshals who specialise in traffic decongestion at critical locations along a route network. We use cutting-edge communication devices as well as proper safety attire and equipment to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. We also offer valet parking for various business establishments and limousine services for travel needs. If you want to learn more about our traffic marshal services, contact us today!

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