Why Hire Traffic Marshalling Services for Your Site

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, but employing a traffic marshal is one of the best ways to minimise the likelihood of one occurring on a work site or during an event. People often rely on traffic marshals, also known as road marshals, to keep the traffic flowing in a safe and efficient manner at work sites, events, or other locations. They are experts in managing vehicle movements in any work or event environment. 

Who is a Traffic Marshal? 

Traffic marshals establish roadways throughout a site and define access and departure points to ensure a smooth traffic flow. They make sure that vehicles are not backed up in a line waiting to enter or exit the premises and that people crossing the pathways are safe. Road marshals communicate with vehicle owners and pedestrians using two-way radios or a range of signs, including hand gestures, to ensure everyone’s safety. They may also set up traffic cones and barriers, evaluate risks, and perform other duties such as monitoring street crossings and interacting with local law enforcement. 

Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Marshal

As professionals in controlling vehicle movement on-site, traffic marshals help reduce numerous risks. They are well-trained and skilled in dealing with a variety of scenarios and are dependable when it comes to traffic congestion management. Utilising experienced traffic marshals reduces liability and ensures balance in overall business operations. Therefore, they assist with saving money and time that would otherwise be spent on damages or unintentional losses.

What are the Responsibilities of a Traffic Marshal?

The work environment of a traffic marshal differs based on the industry in which they operate. For instance, those working in retail stores will guide automobiles in and out of the premises while maintaining a steady traffic flow. Although their work description varies depending on who hires them, there are some responsibilities they have to undertake regardless of the setting. Let us delve into the most prevalent reasons why a company should hire a traffic marshal.

1. Enhance Site Security

Traffic marshals are responsible for the security and safety of a site’s visitors and personnel. They must ensure that pedestrians are kept safe during peak hours of vehicle traffic. In order to do this, they typically create specific pathways for visitors and staff that are distinct from the routes taken by vehicles. 

2. Guide Vehicle Movement

When vehicles travel within a site without the assistance of a traffic marshal, they may cause accidents and property damage. As a result, road marshals will conduct a risk assessment and identify blind spots on the site ahead of time. Traffic marshals will help keep vehicle routes clear of obstacles and clutter. They should also be well-versed in hand signals and ensure that communication equipment is in good working order, as they will be using both to communicate with drivers.

3. Optimise Venue Traffic

As traffic marshals work in a variety of environments, including parking garages and event venues that provide valet services, one of their responsibilities is to control traffic in specified areas. For instance, during events, traffic can cause guests to be unduly delayed. In such a case, they will create clear entry and exit routes to facilitate vehicle movement to and from the event. Similarly, work sites also have peak hours during which vehicles are constantly moving in and out of the property. Therefore, clear pathways will be required to accommodate vehicle movement. Furthermore, road marshals will ensure that the vehicles leaving their work premises do not clog the road with their traffic. 

Along with these, whether deployed at a work site or an event venue, traffic marshals will also ensure the safety of people travelling on the road, particularly pedestrians.

Key Competencies of a Traffic Marshal 

The following are some of the most essential skills to look for when hiring a traffic marshal. 

  • The ability to remain alert and aware of their surroundings which helps to identify potential hazards and any traffic flow concerns.
  • Physical fitness to stand for extended periods of time and handle traffic cones and other equipment, even in difficult weather conditions.
  • The ability to multitask and coordinate since they often have to manage vehicle movement and control the flow of traffic.
  • Problem-solving skills to respond swiftly and decisively to any issues pertaining to traffic flow, pathways, delays and more. 

Are You Seeking a Traffic Marshal for Your Business in Singapore?

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