5 Points to Remember while Hiring Valet Service in Singapore

Hiring a valet service for special events or at your establishment is the best way to greet people visiting your place. Be it the casino, hospital or event, valet service is important that makes the establishment worth visiting and getting a luxury service. In Singapore, there are some reputed companies that offer valet services for various establishments and events. For instance, for events in corporate or family gathering, valet service will completely take care of the parking needs in the area. Depending on how big the event is, the parking space will be taken care of accordingly. The valet service will ensure that no guest will have problem in parking their respective cars.

So, if you are planning to organize an event or run an entertainment establishment in Singapore, then here are some points to remember for hiring valet service:

Getting a Referral: A top valet service in Singapore will have a good name in the market. So when you ask for recommendations for an  event, then you will definitely get the best service recommendation. You can even visit the company website to get more in-sight about the valet service offered and charges for the same. Also, the company will provide complete details about their experience and events they offer service for.

Check they offer Site-Visit: A reputed valet service company will offer site visit to check the requirement and area. This will be a free in-person visit and consultation for the event. This is certainly a good opportunity to get comfortable with the valet vendor and check how they offer the site-visit service. During the site-visit, professionals must offer brief explanation on how they will manage the car parking process and the traffic flow.

Getting Written Estimate: A proper estimation is important to get when hiring a valet service. This, in fact, is an important point to remember as the estimation will help to decide the budget for the event. A reputed company generally charges as per the hourly basis, but some charge flat if the event is for few hours. Make sure you pay for the actual hour and get an estimation written on the agreement so that both the party abide by the rule.

Quality is Important: An important point to remember when hiring Valet Company is the quality of the service. A reputed valet company in SG with years of experience will have skilled labours and good arrangement systems. Everything is well-planned and labours trained to manage heavy traffic of cars in an event. Reputed company will have financial resources to cover accidents, if occurs.


A reputed valet company in Singapore is known for its customer oriented service. Hence look for a company that has earned good reputation in Singapore to manage an event and avoid any incontinence to guests arriving.

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